"In Post-war Japan, Tsuyako, a factory worker and mother, must decided between duty and love."

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Website Complete!

Today, we finalized our website, and it's looking super awesome! Thanks to Kris Fitz creative for his amazing work (http://www.krisfitzcreative.com), and Pakk for creating a beautiful music (http://www.PakkHui.com). I am so blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing artists.
Today was another productive day. I met up with Andy Yamada, my editor for Andrew W.K. 's video (http://www.andrewwk.com), location scouting for a commercial I'll be directing (http://www.CrystalNoodle.com), and finishing up our website!  It's going to be a crazy month before I leave for Japan, putting everything together, contacting Japanese filmmakers, and shoot a commercial before I leave!  Never ending but I love it ;)

I just wanted share how pumped up and energized we are!  We got some great news to update, but will wait until when it all happens ;)

Stay tuned!


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