"In Post-war Japan, Tsuyako, a factory worker and mother, must decided between duty and love."

Friday, January 22, 2010

What we were up to last night...

Last night, I suggested to Mitsuyo and Natalie that we should stop by a club my friend, DJ Saratonin throws, called Betty. It's at the infamous FUBAR, in West Hollywood, (some of the boys out there reading this may be in the know) but unique on Wednesdays as being a night for the ladies.

We all walked in, absorbed the great tunes, and a drink over some conversations with the crowd within. Once I was able to pin down the busy DJ, Saratonin, I asked her if she was supportive to the idea of hosting a night for us there to raise awareness and gather donations for the film. Being a long time friend and supporter of the arts, (especially those backed by women), Sarah didn't flinch and agreed with much enthusiasm. Mitsuyo, Natalie, and I are are quite excited about the news as well and will be updating you with an exact date once that is confirmed.

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