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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Back in Japan! Ready for Location scout!

I am finally in Japan... I am so excited and little nervous since I am about to face the reality of filmmaking. My first mission is to find locations - streets surrounded by cherry blossom trees, old house, streets, factory, train station, but the surroundings has to look like post war Japan...

After searching on line and calling film commissions around Kansai Area, I found some amazing spots for cherry blossom scene.

Day 1 - March 18, 2010

We drove to SHIGA Prefecture (about 2.5hours from Osaka) to check out three locations:

Mission 1 - Cherry blossoms street:
When I first saw this location on line, I thought this place was more than perfect, but the asphalt street didn't exist back then... should I put dirt on the street? hahaha ...no.

:This is how would look during the blossom season.

This area was owned by Tenrikyo temple - the houses on the right were built in 1910, and still original. Tenrikyo monks gave me permission to shoot inside of their property.

Ohmihachiman - Suigou: Street

Mission 2 - Train Station:

YOKAICHI Train staion was built in 1913. I was curious to see the surroundings of the station. The station looked pretty good, unfortunately, it was surrounded by new houses and buildings.. hmmmm, sucks, but won't work.

Mission 3: Bamboo Forrest

Just around the corner from the station, I found a bamboo forest. It was almost too perfect location, there is even a drive way to put dolly tracks! I got so excited!! ... but man, who owns this forrest?!

After knocking on couple of houses, I found a owner of this forrest. She lives next town so we head out right away. On the first bell, she answered the door, and her answer was YES!

I feel little better after getting good answers, but Shiga is almost 3 hours away, I must continue to search for the best locations...

Thanks to my mother and sister for driving me around in Shiga!
...to be continued.

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