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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back in Tokyo!

I'm back in Tokyo, and things are moving fast!

I had two very amazing rehearsal sessions with my actors. I couldn't have asked for better talent - the performances, so far, are very strong. I hope you'll agree when you see the finished film...

I was also invited to lecture at a prestigious acting school here in Tokyo. I gave a presentation about filmmaking in Hollywood and how to make it as an actor. The group of students were absolutely wonderful. I had a great time - we even got a chance to do some workshops. It was a great experience!

Jacob Halajian, one of the producers, is now in Japan helping me prep for the shoot - I'm calling action on the 29th of this month! Along with the help of Tomoya, another one of our producers, and Miho, our line producer, I've been location scouting, prepping the factory for the shoot, finalizing the script, scheduling, and continuing our fundraising efforts.

Here are some photos from the train station and factory locations:

In these last couple of weeks, we'll need all the help we can get - if you can donate, please do so by visiting our website and clicking on the PAYPAL button! We could really, really use your support.

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