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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Scoring session = SUCCESS!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who is involved in this scoring session. I felt like I was watching my dream while I roll the camera. I am so overwhelmed with happiness right now.. I am the luckiest director on this earth to have such an amazing artists and musicians for creating wonderful music for my film. Thank you to everyone.. Much love to you all.

MANY Thanks to:

Marc Chester for getting most of the musicians from Cal State University
Michael Huang - Music Editor, Recording Engineer and Mixer
Jeremy Doss for his time in bringing the music onto music sheet - Orchestrator and Music Prepaeration
Tina Tamura & Mayreni Morel - Printing all the music for us! - Music Preparation

Wonderful / Talented musicians who came out:
Joohyun Park - Pianist
Yoshika Masuda - Solo Cellist
Rachel Melis - Solo Flute
Strings - Agnieszka Borzuchowski, Sabrina Cabral, Douglass Edward, Victor Fernandez, Judy kang, Mai Kurosawa, Robert Lee, Christopher McCarthy, Corinne Olsen, Moni Semeonov, Arianna Solotoff, Jennifer Tuinenga, Margaret Wu

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